Coldplay Rave Under The Blacklight In “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall”


The first thing Coldplay‘s fun new video for “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall” might bring to mind is the Shynola-directed Chris Martin and the Purple Crayon Box of Chalk video for 2009’s “Strawberry Swing”. (It’s certainly what some fans are thinking.) This video, however, is actually the sixth directed by the band’s college buddy Mat Whitecross, and his bright, stylized clip, with splashes of Michel Gondry and, yes, Shynola, might be better described as “Coldplay Goes to Madchester.”

The arrows point to the Ha?ienda entrance!

If the color palate and the “Ritmo de la Noche”-inspired riff aren’t enough evidence, check out the way the stop-motion exaggerates Chris Martin’s pogoing so he looks like Bez from the Happy Mondays. By the time he gets to the lyric “you can hurt me bad but still I’ll raaaaaaaaaaise the flag,” it’s almost too easy to mistake it for “but still I’ll raaaaaaaaaave.”

Speaking of lyrics, a bunch of them appear onscreen in the video, which is both a relatively recent video phenomenon that we suspect but can’t prove has to do with YouTube, and something Whitecross has done with the band before (in “Lovers in Japan”). This may also be an inside joke for the college chums; Whitecross made the band’s first video in 1999 (even before “Yellow”), a high-concept video for “Spies” starring the late, great Carl M?hner?and then the band changed their first single at the last minute and just synced his “Spies” video to the replacement single “Bigger Stronger.” Including the lyrics onscreen might just be Whitecross’s way of teasing the band about it by making such a switcheroo impossible.

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