Tuned In: The Voice Winner Javier Colon Gives His All On “Stitch by Stitch” On Leno


Javier Colon was probably happy that the other late-night shows were in reruns last night when he appeared on the Tonight Show, but considering the ratings that The Voice pulled in for NBC, other musicians would probably have been just as happy not to have to face off with the show’s champion. He played the original composition that helped him win the reality competition, “Stitch by Stitch,” and it sounded great?an amalgam of the best bits of his performance on The Voice (e.g. live drums) and the studio version (a more fleshed-out, but not obtrusive, arrangement). As a conclusion to the televised promotion of both himself and The Voice before the show’s summer tour kicks off, it couldn’t have gone better.

Of course, Colon is no fluke. The Voice‘s refusal to shy away from struggling working musicians as contestants may have eliminated the everyperson quality that reality competition winners tend to bring to public appearances like this, but Colon was plenty charming without that. The 34-year-old has been a struggling musician for much of his adult life, so despite the helping hand that a television audience (and their votes) gave him, the appearance felt earned. When he said to Jay Leno in the interview (embedded below), “You know how long I’ve been waiting to try to get in this [guest’s] chair?” it was easy to imagine him as a teenager watching Johnny Carson. Leno went a bit too far riffing on this, saying, “Isn’t it great, waiting, later? Now you’re 34; Now you realize how hard it was to get here. If you had gotten this at 19, you’d be a creep now.” Despite this, Colon remained in good humor, talking about mock endorsements he and his friends had talked about in high school (shout out to my alma mater Frank Scott Bunnell!), his thrill at singing with Stevie Nicks, and all the bills he’s now able to pay.

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