Coheed & Cambria Bassist Robs A Walgreens Then Drives Straight To His Concert


In an apparent cry for help practically straight out of the Nic Cage film Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Coheed & Cambria bassist Michael Todd allegedly robbed a Walgreens Pharmacy in Attleboro, MA on Sunday afternoon. Attleboro Police responded to a report that a male had “threatened a pharmacist with a bomb threat and demanded Oxycontin” before departing the scene in a cab. The taxi dispatcher reported that the cab traveled directly from Walgreens to Comcast Center in Mansfield, where Coheed & Cambria were to open for Soundgarden that evening.

Todd was taken into custody after the show, and Coheed & Cambria have already found a replacement bassist to complete their tour. Todd had previously taken a leave of absence from the band, from November 2006 to April 2007, to address a heroin addiction.

Rock Star Arrested For Holding Up Walgreens in Attleboro [Patch]

[Image: Attleboro Police Dept.]

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