Last Lap: Monday’s Odds And Ends In Music News


Black Eyed Peas Turn Themselves Into Split Peas
During a concert performance in England,, Fergie and the other two guys told the crowd that the show was going to be the “last time we’re going to be in England for a long time”; they later expanded on that statement by announcing that they are taking an “indefinite break” from making music together. Sadly, this probably means that you are likely to see once again appearing as a hologram on a television near you imminently. [HuffPo]

“Big Baseball Player Back In High School” From Springsteen’s “Glory Days” Identified
His name’s Joe DePugh, and he tried out for the Dodgers. He would probably amend his assessment about his glory days passing him by if asked today. [New York Times]

Morrissey Bitten by Dog
Morrissey fansite True to You reports that the singer “sustained hand and arm injuries recently after being attacked by a dog in England.” He should have kept his hand in his glove. [Pitchfork]

Long Read Of The Day: “How The Internet Transformed The American Rave Scene”
Michaelangelo Matos turns in a great guest post at NPR’s The Record about the ways in which the rises of rave culture and of the Internet intertwined and reflected one another. BONUS MATOS: Read his Betty Ford obituary for Sound of the City, which acknowledges the ways in which Betty Ford made drug rehabilitation part of the public dialogue and helped remove much of its stigma?disproportionately so for musicians. As Matos notes, there’d be no Celebrity Rehab if not for Betty Ford’s efforts.

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