Last Lap: Thursday’s Odds And Ends In Music News


New Feist Album Coming Soon…We Think
You Oughta Know alum Feist has launched the first in what appears to be a series of teaser videos for her upcoming album. The audio is extremely compressed, but we’re still curious. [, via Pitchfork]

Part 1 Of Eli Porter Documentary The People’s Champion Premieres
Remember “Iron Mic: Eli Porter vs. Envy”? The high-school freestyle-battle clip went viral in 2008 and became so well-known that Kanye mentioned it in his “H.A.M.” verse (“like Eli, I did it”)?but no one really knew much about where the clip came from…until now. This 33-minute segment explains the production of the iconic rap-battle video in thrilling detail (although the line-by-line exegesis of Porter’s rap drags a bit). [Vimeo]

New Steve Reich/Kronos Quartet Album Art Stirs Controversy
One way to get people to notice your 9/11-themed triple-string-quartet modern classical piece? Use a picture of the second plane about to hit the towers on the cover! [NPR]

The End Of The Loudness Wars?
Long read of the day: Mike Barthel speculates on Sleigh Bells and the future of high-volume sound engineering, something that sounds unnoticeable and boring, but is actually extremely noticeable and?well, usually it is boring, but Barthel’s piece is the exception to the rule. [The Atlantic]

[Feist and Sleigh Bells Images: Getty Images]

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