Bj?rk And Michel Gondry Reteam For Stop-Motion Lights-And-Rhythms “Crystalline” Video


Just a week after the premiere of “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win,” the latest collaboration between the Beastie Boys and Spike Jonze (who returned to music-video direction after somewhat of an absence), another director from his era has returned thanks to an artist with whom the director has collaborated a number of times before. Today’s returning talent: Michel Gondry, helming the mostly stop-motion video for Bj?rk‘s new single “Crystalline.”

We admit that we’ve been a bit suspicious of Bj?rk’s promotion of forthcoming album Biophilia as a series of iPad apps. It’s not that we’re technophobic, nor jealous of iPad owners; the project just reminded us a little too closely of other ill-fated application/music hybrids, like David Bowie’s work for the Dreamcast/PC game Omikron, which became his middling album Hours…. Gondry’s video, however, puts our fears to rest. “Crystalline,” at least, is fully-formed even without its interactive capacities, and the pulsating animation (created, Gondry told Billboard, through multiple exposures) matches and accentuates the rhythms of the song.

Plus, the video works just as well without high-concept analysis. Bj?rk is some sort of cosmic being who lives inside a disco-ball planetoid, and she targets a moon with meteorites that cause some sort of biochemical reaction and turn the moon into a level of Super Mario Galaxy. Or something. There are lots of lights, colors, and pulses in the sand! It’s cool! Check it out.

Bj?rk’s “Crystalline” Video: Michel Gondry Offers an Inside Look [Billboard]

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