Mariah Carey Returns To HSN To Share Her Love


Mariah Carey returned to the Home Shopping Network Sunday and yesterday to share her perfume, jewelry, and most of all, love with the viewing audience. Yesterday Gawker posted a four-minute edit of the six-hour appearance, but it left a bad taste in our mouths, like the clip was a decade-old riff on Mariah’s TRL appearance. She’s so crazy!

For our money (if we had any money) the recap to watch is Rich Juzwiak‘s, above. Full disclosure: Rich is a former writer for this blog, but we guarantee that his devotion to Mariah far predates and far precedes any devotion he might have had to this blog. He’s even recapped Mariah on HSN before. Juzwiak’s recap delineates the many loves of Mariah Carey, and it’s also unbelievably entertaining. Enjoy!

Love, Mariah [fourfour]

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