Lenny Kravitz: Head To Toe And Ask Me Anything


We were thrilled to get a few minutes with Lenny Kravitz when he came through our offices the other day. Mainly we wanted to talk to him about his style and about his music. Which worked out, because he delineated his look in a Head To Toe segment, above, and then answered a number of your questions, which happened to mostly be about his music, in an Ask Me Anything Segment below.

“I put my clothes together this morning,” Kravitz completely fails to convince us, “by what was clean and close by, and not jumbled up in the closet where I can’t see it.” If that were as true as Kravitz suggests, he would look like the poorly-dressed guy who sits at my desk during the work day, and not like Lenny Kravitz. After introductory self-effacement, he tells us about the elements of his look that day, a variation on a rather signature style.

Then he turns to the questions you submitted, speaking on his favorite among his own videos, the success he’s had in playing with dream collaborators like the late Curtis Mayfield, and creativity, which he says “is like surfing. You wait for the wave and you get on and you ride.” We tried to get to as many of your questions as we could. Thanks for asking!

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