Last Lap: Monday’s Odds And Ends In Music News


Non-Elvis Participant In The Kiss Identified
After 55 years and “at least a half a dozen” impostors, Barbara Gray (with the help of Vanity Fair in getting Alfred Wertheimer to overcome his pre-ordained skepticism) has identified herself as “Elvis‘s blonde” in the iconic tongue-touching photo The Kiss. The backstory is pretty interesting, too. [Vanity Fair]

Kelly Rowland Has The Worst Luck When It Comes To Timing
It’s bad enough that Kelly Rowland is constantly characterized as losing a (nonexistent) battle with Beyonc?. Last night, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction…at a club show in New Jersey, two days after Nicki Minaj did the same on national television. After the show, she tweeted, “New Jersey crowd was amazing!! hope you enjoyed the show and didnt mind the peekaboo LOL!!! #kanyeshrug #stuffhappens” At least she didn’t compare herself to Hitler. #kanyeshrug [EW Music Mix]

Singer-Songwriter Uses Social Media To Achieve Fleeting iTunes Chart Glory
Jesse Ruben got his self-released (and 16-month-old) The Ones That Matter to #9 on the iTunes Store Singer-Songwriter bestsellers by asking his fans to do it for his 25th birthday. We’re excited for the guy but a bit worried about inferences marketers might draw based on the one-day, one-album success of Ruben’s presumably good-natured sales push. [The Daily]

MGMT Pelted With Shoes…By Request
Regardless of your opinion of MGMT, it’s pretty funny to watch the ten-second turnaround between the ad-lib “Everybody give me your left shoe right now” and the follow-up “Whoa! That was probably a bad idea.” [YouTube via Pitchfork]

[The Kiss: Alfred Wertheimer via Vanity Fair; Kelly Rowland Image: Getty Images]

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