Tuned In: My Chemical Romance Delve Deep On Fallon


Where has My Chemical Romance been? (On tour, but we were being rhetorical, so play along.) After appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last November, premiering their entire album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys live in LA for MTV a week later, the band has shied away from the promotional circuit (save for a Conan appearance back in January). You’d even be forgiven for thinking that their appearance yesterday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was in support of a new album, especially if you gave Danger Days too little attention when it came out (as we confess we did).

Maybe the fact that the band wasn’t trying to push their album to anyone who wasn’t already interested was why the performance was so compelling. Maybe it was their choice of deep cut “The Kids From Yesterday” instead of any of the singles. Or maybe it was frontman Gerard Way‘s constantly shifting focus, often turning his back on the cameras to face the cluster of fans of the band, singing along on the balconies over the stage. (This performance had more cuts from camera to camera, and worm’s-eye-view shots, than any we can remember seeing on late night television?even more frantic and frenetic even than when singers have departed the stage.) In any case, the rockers convinced us, with this ballad, to revisit their album. Which we guess was sort of the point.

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My Chemical Romance ? “The Kids From Yesterday” 8/8 Fallon [The Audio Perv]

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