Michelle Branch Makes “Loud Music” With Her Band, Her Beau


Back in June, Michelle Branch was in the building to perform her single “Loud Music” on Big Morning Buzz Live, and it was certainly a good performance. Even still, the song’s called “Loud Music” and Branch played it acoustically (she herself quipped afterward, “It’s not right”). With that in mind, we’re glad to premiere the video for the plugged-in single.

The clip tells two simultaneous stories: the literal one, in which Branch and her band goof off on tour, listening to?and performing?loud music, and the figurative one, told out of chronological order, in which Michelle Branch meets-cute in a record store and she and the dude (who, it should be noted, has some wicked sideburns) “make loud music” together. Branch is too cool and composed for anything so gauche as a Katy Perry stage wink, so you just have to put it together yourself.

“Loud Music” is premiering on air during this week’s VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown Saturday at 9 a.m. ET/PT (after which point it will be eligible for next week’s countdown). Does the clip pass muster? Your vote will help decide.

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