VH1’s Latest App, Celebrity Party, Is Now Available In The iTunes Store

by (@unclegrambo)

Next time you?re hanging out with your friends or family, play the party game that?s guaranteed to get everyone laughing: Celebrity Party. The game of Celebrity has been a favorite low tech party game for decades, but now VH1 has taken it to the next level with the Celebrity Party iPhone app. Some of your favorite celebrities themselves—like Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Justin Timberlake—have already played this game while hitting the red carpet, so now it’s your turn!

Celebrity Party tests your knowledge of pop culture with a team game that combines the best elements of Taboo, charades and Password. It?s simple to learn and sure to get everyone giggling:

? Teams of two or more compete to identify the celebrities in each pack.
? Play consists of three rounds; in each round a clue-giver must get his team to identify as many celebrities as possible in one minute while using the following rules:

1. Round 1: The clue-give can say anything but the celebrity?s name;
2. Round 2: The clue-giver can only use two words;
3. Round 3: The clue-giver can only use charades.

? Any violation of the rules results in a loss of turn.

There is a lite and a premium version of the app. The lite version comes with three packs of celebrities. The premium version comes with 10 and is updated periodically with new packs ? users can also add their own. The premium version also enables multiple iOS devices to play together over Bluetooth, so each clue-giver can have their own controller and avoid having to pass the device around.

High scores unlock special achievements: exclusive videos from celebrities, skins and more. So get your people together and have a Celebrity Party!

VH1 Celebrity Party [iTunes Store]

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