Shearer’s Spotlight: Hoping Against Hope That These Things Don’t Happen At The 2011 VMAs


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No lie, I haven?t missed a live viewing of the MTV Video Music Awards in 21 years. In college, when our dormitory only carried three television stations, I even managed to squat out the TV-set in student union for four consecutive years.

As someone who takes their VMA?s very seriously, here are three things I?m hoping will not happen this Sunday night:

1) We Don?t Lose Power in NYC
Not only am I missing two of my favorite shows for the VMA?s this Sunday night?Curb Your Enthusiasm and Breaking Bad?but I?m hoping to keep my VMA streak intact by actually getting to watch them live. If Hurricane Irene hits NYC hard on Sunday, electricity may be at a minimum, which would even negate a DVR viewing of the VMA?s. Yes, MTV will re-air the show, but I want to see it before it?s edited down into a TV-friendly, two-hour chunk.

2) No One Bum Rushes The Stage
When Rage Against The Machine?s Tim Commerford, Beastie Boys? video director Nathanial Hornblower, and Kanye West unexpectedly stormed the stage at past VMA shows—not all at the same time, mind you!—it added a nice, spontaneous flare to the proceedings, especially since all three were worthy of intruding the stage. When Lil? Mama, or some audience member from general casting jumps on stage to steal someone else?s spotlight, that?s where I draw the line. It?s not original; it?s been done; so please?leave the stage to the professionals.

3) All the Big-Name Talent Doesn?t Lose Interest
I?ve been to multiple VMAs, and unfortunately when you?re watching them live, you?ll notice many popular musicians and celebrities sneak out of the building (probably trying to start their VMA after-parties early). For those watching at home, seeing a seat-filler instead of your favorite artist, doesn?t have the same thrill. By the time the Video of The Year nominees are announced, most of the famous people?besides those nominated?are long gone. C?mon, stick around and enjoy the show!

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