Remembering Michael Jackson On His 53rd Birthday

by (@unclegrambo)

Today would have been the 53rd birthday of Michael Jackson, one of the greatest entertainers this world has ever known. Sadly, though, his life was cut short back in 2009 after he overdosed on Propofol (a case that has yet to see a full resolution). Still, his legacy lives on and, in many ways, has taken on an even greater significance since his passing.

In order to celebrate his remarkable life and his achievements, we took a cue from one of our favorite Tumblr sites, Awesome People Hanging Out Together. We crawled through almost 40 years worth of archive photographs to find these pictures of Michael Jackson hanging out with people from every profession and walk of life: his fellow musicians, actors, directors, politicians, diplomats, and even an inanimate object or two! So as you fire up your favorite MJ tracks today, take a look through our gallery and relive some of his most famous (and most random) celebrity encounters.

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