The-Dream Evokes Kanye West And Delays The Love IV (Maybe)


The-Dream has been fighting a very public battle of late, though his opponent may just be himself. His very public divorce from Christina Milian last year after allegations of infidelity remain very much on his mind?not so much the events themselves, but the reactions of listeners and of the gossip press, which he lumps together as “The Internet.” (In an interview with Ryan Dombal at Pitchfork, he indirectly cited the Gospel passage “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”) Meanwhile, he released the lyrically vulnerable free album 1977 (under his given name, Terius Nash), after what appeared from his Twitter feed to be a behind-the-scenes battle with his label Def Jam, though no one at the label ever made any public comment for or against the album’s release.

Now, in an interview with Hillary Crosley at Rolling Stone, he’s come clean with his grievances. He continues the streak of romantic fatalism that he began when he offered unsolicited advice in his Pitchfork interview: “Don?t get in a relationship if you?re going to leave a man if he cheats on you. Because 99% of the time he?s going to cheat.” In Rolling Stone he notes that “Most marriages end in divorce anyway,” though he claims, “I?m not bitter?I?m a crazy, hopeless romantic.” The vitriolic reaction to his alleged misdeeds (to which he all but confesses) seems only to have made him that much more set in his ways. He sounds a bit like Kanye West in this?an insecure but wildly talented songwriter who, in his desire to please all audiences without catering to what he perceives as a lowest common denominator, sees himself as beset on all sides by critics (not helped by the fact that both are adept at making very public personal misjudgments).

So maybe we can’t tell The-Dream nothing. Can we at least expect The Love IV in December as promised? Possibly. The-Dream insists that Def Jam rushed the release of his third album Love King, hence his struggle with the label to release a free album while they awaited the delivery of his fourth “official” album, and vows that the same will not occur with his new album: “It will come out when it?s ready.” He claims only to have completed five songs, none of which is “T.T.S.,” the R. Kelly-featuring track that was to be the lead single, nor any of the features that he told MTV News in February that he was hoping for. This is no Detox situation, though?despite his perfectionism, The-Dream is a fast writer, for others and for himself. Just last month, inspired by the trailer for Colombiana, he penned “Murderer” and uploaded it to YouTube on a lark, confusing many (including us) who thought it was a track from 1977. He’s also been working with Rihanna and Justin Bieber again, as well as Fabolous and, in the future, Pusha T. So we’ll be hearing from him again real soon.

The-Dream: Def Jam Rushed the Release of Love King

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