Kanye Tries To Hump Kim Kardashian In A Failed TV Pilot Called Alligator Boots

by (@Lacezilla)

In attempt to have it see the (green)light of day on Comedy Central’s airwaves, Windy City hip hop stars Kanye West and Rhymefest put their wildly creative minds together to craft a pilot for a hip-hop puppet show. Yes, puppets. Created and co-executive produced with Crank Yankers’ Daniel Kellison and South Park writer Jon Kimmel, the adult show, titled Alligator Boots, intended to feature hilarious puppet characters, all of which were caringly stitched together to interact with celebrity guests acting as weekly hosts. In the newly released behind-the-scenes footage that was shot an indeterminate time ago, we hear from the director, puppetmakers and puppeteers, background designers, writers, and the masterminds themselves, and get a glimpse of a crass project that was canceled before we all got the chance to giggle our asses off.

“I get nervous about hitting Kanye West in the face over and over with a hard, plastic rattle,” said puppeteer Alice Dinnean when Rhymefest asked her and her colleagues what makes them shiver in their boots on set. Borrowing the audience component from Saturday Night Live, Alligator Boots set out with the lofty goal to feature puppet sketches, faux commericials, backstage “behind-the-scenes” puppet-interaction skits, and much, much more. In the clip above, written to poke fun at Kanye’s “diva” reputation, you see Storm Trooper ‘Ye get ditched by Princess Leia (Kim Kardashian) for a suave puppet named Beary White; just one of “about twenty-nine” puppet thespians. Our favorite part is probably when Rhymefest’s puppet alter-ego Pork Troy appears as a famous rapper character, spitting bars on a little ditty called “Baby In The Club,” and presents visuals for what seems like a music video where a 20-year-old woman brings her 1-year-old infant out to shake a tail feather in a very adult atmosphere. Crass, innapropriate jokes are abundant in the writing, and it’s clear that the set was a breeding ground for hip-hop comedy greatness. R.I.P., Alligator Boots!

Watch Part Of Kanye West’s Canceled Puppet Show “Alligator Boots” [PopDust]

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