Last Lap: Wednesday’s Odds And Ends In Music News


50 Cent Changes His Movie’s Name After Chinua Achebe Protests
50 Cent‘s new movie just got a namechange thanks to a critically lauded Nigerian novelist. Chinua Achebe, author of 1958’s English-language riposte to Joseph Conrad, Things Fall Apart, threatened legal action against 50 Cent, whose new film has the same name, and turned down a $1 million settlement offer. Considering that the idiom comes from a Yeats poem, the novelist’s case isn’t necessarily that strong, but “Got sued by Chinua Achebe” is probably not something 50 Cent wants on his resume, so the movie is now titled All Things Fall Apart. (Sidenote: Does this mean Achebe is a Roots fan?) [The Guardian]

Kelly Clarkson, Florence And The Machine Album Details Surface
Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger has a tracklisting (and at Popdust, Katherine St. Asaph speculates which tracks might correspond with which leaked demos). Florence & The Machine also have an official tracklisting and album art for sophomore album Ceremonials, and second track “Shake It Out” has apparently leaked.

Drake Cries When People Make Fun of Him On Twitter
Did you see the Twitter trending topic #drakecrieswhen? Popdust did, and they rounded up some of the best entries. One of our favorites that didn’t make the cut: “#DrakeCriesWhen He realizes both of his eyebrows are ‘ON ONE'” courtesy @GrandadJFreeman. [Popdust]

The Beatles Chart Again, and Lil Wayne Gets His Million
With an additional 219,000 copies of Tha Carter IV sold, Lil Wayne holds at #1 on the Billboard 200, but the Beatles’ 1 re-entered the chart at #4 (behind only George Strait‘s latest, Tha Carter IV, and, of course, Adele‘s 21) simply on the strength of its iTunes premiere and a bunch of Twitter marketing. See, new media can work wonders…as long as you’re already a million-selling group. [Billboard]

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