Last Lap: Thursday’s Odds And Ends In Music News


Eddie Trunk Of That Metal Show Named One Of The Best Characters On Television
Eddie Trunk, the enthusiastic host of That Metal Show, got a much-deserved nod from Rolling Stone in their list of this season’s Best Characters On Television. The VH1 Classic show is now powering through its eighth season, with no signs of stopping. Sammy Hagar stops by this week: tune in Saturday at 11PM ET. [Rolling Stone]

Facebook Launches Music Partnerships With Spotify And Others
During their F8 keynote today, Facebook announced a slew of music partnerships that will integrate its social elements with the streaming capabilities of Spotify, Soundcloud, Rhapsody, and others, so you can easily see what your friends are streaming and listen along (or be prompted to join whichever service, if you’re not already signed up). The auto-updating timeline/ticker setup inadvertently joins the fight against guilty pleasures, as there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism built in to prevent friends from seeing everything you’ve listened to. [Billboard]

Nevermind Anniversary Tribute Week Rolls On
Nirvana‘s major-label debut was released twenty years ago this Saturday, so tributes have popped up in-house and all over. (Nevermind that the album took a few months to cross over.) Here’s a quick rundown of the best bits:

  • MTV News has been diligently digitizing all their contemporaneous Nirvana coverage and packaging it with interviews with all sorts of people who were around and involved. [MTV News]
  • Entertainment Weekly has a roundtable with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Butch Vig. NME may have gotten there first, but EW does it better. Included: Tad, karaoke, Benihana, vocal coaches, C&C Music Factory. [EW]
  • Jessica Hopper gives an absolutely brutal (and, it seems, not entirely undeserved) review of the enormous box set due out October 25. [Chicago Reader]
  • Last but not least: MTV Hive has a moving tribute: animated gifs from the album’s music videos. (Get it?) [MTV Hive]

New York City Club Documentary Comes Under Fire
Limelight, the new documentary from the director of Cocaine Cowboys about the Limelight and other 1990s New York City clubs, opens tomorrow in New York City, but it may have trouble opening wider, because the biggest story about it right now is Lady Miss Kier‘s. The Deee-Lite frontwoman apparently saw a preview screening of the film and was horrified to discover not only that the film whitewashed the club’s door policies, which she recalls as being quite racist, but also that she actually appears in the movie! (Footage of her dancing in Baltimore, she claims, was edited into the film in such a way as to imply that she was at the Limelight.) Whether or not these allegations are true, it seems that although that scene deserves comprehensive documentation, Limelight ain’t it. [Sound of the City]

[Mark Zuckerberg and Lady Miss Kier: Getty Images]

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