Sara Bareilles Swings Through A Mexican Supermarket In “Gonna Get Over You”


Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a musical? We have. Jean-Luc Godard has (via his then-wife Anna Karina). Björk has. And now we know that Sara Bareilles has, thanks to her new video “Gonna Get Over You.” We had wondered how, exactly, the Grease inspiration would mesh with the Mexican supermarket setting, and now we know!

In the clip, directed by comic actor Jonah Hill, Bareilles is a greaser with a variation on the mythic power of King Midas (let’s call it “The Fonzie touch”): everyone she touches?a landscaper outside, and a number of shoppers inside, a Mexican supermarket?becomes a dancing greaser. The Michael Rooney-choreographed sequences play off the swing undercurrents of the single itself. The whole thing is a lot of fun, and just when we started to think about what the ethnic dynamics of the clip might be indicating, the twist ending flipped the script on the whole clip and indicated that, of course, Bareilles and company are way too smart (and good-natured) to get themselves in trouble like that.

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