UPDATE: Radiohead “Occupy Wall Street” Performance Rumor In Dispute


UPDATE: According to a tweet from the band’s public relations firm Nasty Little Man, “Radiohead is not playing Wall Street today, nor were they ever confirmed to do so.” Whether this denial is the final word on the seemingly confirmed rumor, or merely an attempt at damage control after the news was leaked, remains to be seen. Legally, a planned performance like this would require permits from the city as well as NYPD crowd control?which is complicated somewhat by the fact that the rally is in protest of the NYPD. Whether or not the band appears or performs, we hope the safety of those present remains paramount. Original story below:

Radiohead is set to perform at a 4:00PM rally as part of the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests, Gawker reported this morning. The rumor was confirmed by Gothamist. The loose coalition of dissenters has occupied the semi-private Zuccotti Park since September 17, criticized for its lack of unified message but nevertheless united in its opposition to Wall Street policies. The performance is scheduled to precede a march on One Police Plaza in protest of “Police Harassment, Brutality & Attacks”?and the band’s appearance will likely swell the numbers of that march significantly, especially considering the disappointment of fans unable to get tickets to either of Radiohead’s Roseland Ballroom shows. Details are expected to be announced at a press conference prior to the rally.

CONFIRMED: Radiohead Playing Occupy Wall Street TODAY! [Gothamist]

[Image: Getty Images]

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