Internet Sensation And Next Big Thing Lana Del Rey Wins Award And Speaks, Finally

by (@kat_george)

“It can speak!” has been the general reaction today of those familiar with overnight Internet sensation Lana Del Rey. The American singer, best known for her enthralling voice, ethereal beauty, emotive lyricism and self-made vintage montage videos (like “Video Games”), finally opened her mouth to converse rather than to sing backstage at the 2011 Q Awards. The rising star had just (aptly) won the Next Big Thing award, and the young performer seemed a bit like a deer in headlights as she was questioned about the award, her background, her critics and her forthcoming debut LP.

We love everything about Lana and her music, but the poor girl looked and sounded supremely nervous as she was questioned post-awards ceremony. We’re willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, as a newcomer to the industry and the spotlight, Lana probably hasn’t had much experience being interviewed on the spot. But still, the conversation was somewhat disappointing given her palpable discomfort. Lana’s musical persona has us imagining her as a powerful, brooding sort of character with plenty of awesome bad ass attitude, not as the delicate, unsure babe in the woods she appears to be here. Finally hearing her speak spoils her the artistic illusion she’s created, sort of like finding out Santa isn’t real; We’re admittedly a bit bummed, but it doesn’t mean we’re any less enthusiastic about Christmas!

By Kat George

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