Last Lap: Is That Metallica/Lou Reed Collaboration Actually An “Album That No One Wants”?

by (@kat_george)

Chuck Klosterman Gives A Hilarious Opinion On Lulu, Metallica And Lou Reed’s Collaborative Album
Don’t pretend you weren’t confused when you heard Lou Reed and Metallica would be collaborating on a album. Well, that very strange collaboration is now available for listening, and Chuck Klosterman has some wicked but insightful things to say about the “album that no one wants.” [Grantland]

Kanye West + Saved By The Bell = Awesome
Our vote for the best single-serving Tumblr site of the day goes to Kanyed By The Bell, which combines Yeezy lyrics with still images from the iconic television series. It’s sort of NSFW, but then again, most of the best things are. [Kanyed By The Bell]

Go Behind The Scenes With VOYR at Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne Tour
Speaking of ‘Ye … Launching today, VOYR, for a small fee, offers to take you behind the scenes to see what your favorite artists and celebrities are up to. First up, they’re following Jay-Z and Kayne West‘s Watch The Throne tour to offer insidery exclusives, and it will be interesting to see what comes of the project. [Rolling Stone]

The Last Of The A&R Men Marks A Turning Point In The Discovery Of Recording Artists
With record sales plummeting, A&R (Artists & Repetoire) positions at music labels are quickly becoming obsolete as artist discovery becomes more about preexisting audiences than the actual product. The Economist has the full report. [The Economist]

Listen To Every Track Ever From John Peel’s Festive Fifty
Yeah, you read right. You can listen to every song ever from the late BBC Radio 1 presenter and alternative music pioneer John Peel‘s annual Festive Fifty since the listener voted list was introduced in 1976. [Peel Player]

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