Last Lap: Fat Joe’s “Tales From The Darkside” Includes A Jaw-Dropping R. Kelly Story

by (@kat_george)

Fat Joe Tells A Story About R. Kelly Beating People Up
If you can grasp what actually happened as Fat Joe recounts R. Kelly beating someone up between all the expletives and sound effects, let us know. Otherwise, it’s still pretty funny, if not worryingly inappropriate. [The Awl]

Odd Future’s Syd Remixes Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans”
As if you didn’t already love Lana Del Rey enough, Odd Future have remixed her haunting track, “Blue Jeans.” Keeping with her grand, emotive sounds, Odd Future’s remix is just as good as the remix. [Pitchfork]

Karl Lagerfeld Shakes It Out For Florence And The Machine
Sigh. Just when we thought Florence Welch couldn’t get any dreamier, the Florence & The Machine Front Woman teamed up with Chanel Creative Director and general fashion bad-ass Karl Lagerfeld for the cover of the band’s extremely limited edition version of the single “Shake It Out”. [Rolling Stone]

NPR Music Talks To Nitsuh Abebe About His Article For New York Magazine This Weekend
Nitsuh Abebe declared that indie music is the new adult contemporary, perhaps not the most flattering genre descriptor. NPR Music asked the writer some questions about his opinions and the evolution of the indie genre. [NPR Music]

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