Frank Ocean Delights Fans In New Orleans, Outrages Fans In New York Cancelling Last Night’s Show Due To Illness

by (@kat_george)

From humble beginnings as part of the controversial collective Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All, Frank Ocean is splashing out on his own and is not only vastly popular, but increasingly influential. Indeed, the singer/songwriter has appeared on Jay-Z and Kanye West‘s much hyped Watch The Throne album (co-writing and singing on “Made In America” and “No Church In The Wild”), and has even written a tune for Beyoncé (“I Miss You” from her new album, 4). All this without even having released an official album.

The fledgling performer could be, in this light, easily mistaken for a veteran, especially when he returned to hometown New Orleans on Saturday night to play his first ever solo show. All accounts tell of an enthusiastic, even hysterical reception, with fans singing along to lyrics and cheering for the rising star even when he fumbled with technicalities on stage. In the above video of Ocean performing “Thinking About You,” you can hear the crowd expertly keeping up with Ocean’s vocal, as if his songs were well-worn, tirelessly played classics. Ocean also beautifully covered his song for Beyoncé, “I Miss You,” at the New Orleans show (below).

But despite delighting fans in New Orleans, Ocean caused a ruckus by cancelling his show in New York last night (only the second on his solo tour), due to illness. Fans were clearly disappointed as Twitter lit up with cries of frustration and indignation. This was a show that fans had been waiting for anxiously — yet another testament to the young stars overwhelming prowess. Regardless of the disappointment caused Ocean has assured fans their tickets will be good for when he makes a full recovery and reschedules his concert in New York. We’re hoping he’ll throw in an extra show for good measure, because more and more music fans are scrambling for a piece of the Ocean pie each and every day.

Frank Ocean Flies Solo At House Of Blues In New Orleans [Rolling Stone]
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