Shearer’s Spotlight: On National Metal Day, We Reveal Jim Shearer’s Top 4 Metal Moments


Jim Shearer Celebrates National Metal Day

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Jim Shearer's Spotlight

Jim Shearer

If you haven’t heard—or haven’t tuned into VH1 Classic today—today is National Metal Day. I may not strike you as a headbanger, but let it be known, I fancy all genres of music.

So keeping in theme with the day, here are my Big 4 Metal Moments:

4.) Headbanging With Anthrax
In 2003 when MTV2 revived the metal franchise Headbanger’s Ball, a kickoff concert was held in Cleveland where I got to give a rousing introduction to thrash metal legends, Anthrax. Since we we’re in Cleveland—home of the Browns—I decided to get everyone’s blood boiling early by coming out on stage dressed in Pittsburgh Steelers colors and waving a Terrible Towel. It worked to perfection!

3.) Vulgar Display of Fandom
After an episode of Headbanger’s Ball featuring Phil Anselmo, I headed towards MTV2’s greenroom. One of the perks of working at MTV2 was getting to sneak around the studio during all of their various shoots. I was introduced to Anselmo and thanked him and his band Pantera for getting me through all my dark times in college. He accepted my compliment, then followed it by saying, “I wish I had someone to get me through all of my dark times.”

2.) The Sinister Urge
I forget what festival we were covering, but early in the 2000’s I had a backstage interview with Rob Zombie. During the chat I befriended his guitar player, Riggs. Throughout the long summer day, the only backstage-toilet became a nasty mess of bodily fluids and bad plumbing. Desperately needing to relieve myself, I bumped into Riggs after his set and asked if I could use the toilet in his dressing room. “Go for it,” he replied. Though the bathroom was covered in red liquid (Riggs plays a see-through guitar that sprays blood all over the place) it was a million times nicer than my next option. So yes, I once pooped in Rob Zombie’s toilet.

1.) Going To Metallica Headquarters
Tucked away in the Bay Area of California resides an inconspicuous building that is home to Metallica’s recording studio, merchandise warehouse, and two fully equipped live jam-out rooms. The halls and walls are also adorned with past Metallica stage-backdrops and banners fans have tossed on stage over the years. I then got to pick the brain of founding member, Lars Ulrich, just as the band released their back-to-basics album, Death Magnetic. While peeking at James Hetfield’s and Kirk Hammett’s guitar racks and an old Ride Lightning banner hanging on the back wall, it occurred to me I work in a pretty neat profession.

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