Has She Lost Her Head? Gaga Parts Ways With Creative Director Laurieann Gibson (And Performs Without Her Head)

by (@kat_george)

Billboard.biz has confirmed that Lady Gaga will no longer be working with her long time collaborator, creative director Laurieann Gibson. Gaga has been working with Gibson since she was signed to Interscope in 2007, and the creative director has been central in building the unique, sometimes controversial Gaga-aesthetic that has become so iconic in pop culture. With reports abounding that the two decided to split creatively after a “bitter fight,” we’re wondering how the divide will affect Gaga’s brand; although we do expect that Mother Monster won’t even skip a beat, being that her persona essentially has a life of its own.

The animosity between Lady Gaga and Gibson apparently stems from several comments made to the media by Gibson crediting Madonna as Gaga’s style inspiration. With Gaga working so hard to throw off these comparisons, Gibson’s comments created much tension, which was reportedly compounded by creative clashes over the “Judas” video, in which Gibson became upset with the Mother Monster over the use of religious iconography. Additionally, “The Edge Of Glory” also became the subject of creative clashes featuring Gibon’s conservative visions, hence the low-fi, seemingly very un-Gaga production. Now that we have this information, we’re hoping that the break-up will be beneficial for Gaga, and that the superstar performer will get back on her A game when it comes to music videos. We love Gaga and we prefer it when the pop-star is turning heads, so a return to her directional, experimental beginnings would be just grand — in short, we want our Gaga nice and weird!

In the spirit of all that is wild and wacky, Gaga performed on UK’s The X Factor this weekend. Performing “Marry The Night,” Gaga sang from inside a box for most of the performance (?), before coming out costumed as a headless spectre clutching her own cranimm (??). We’re not sure we “got” the performance (which is exciting; not “getting” Gaga is the best part of Gaga!), but she did give an awesome dance performance in a lace leotard at the end, so we’re satisfied (especially because the girl performed so hard she was completely breathless during her post-performance interview).

Lady Gaga Splits With Creative Director Laurieann Gibson [Billboard]
Lady Gaga Marries The Night, Loses Her Head On ‘The X Factor’ UK

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