Florence Welch Flexes Her Funny Bone As Flow-Diggity Flow-Doubt On SNL

by (@kat_george)

Florence + The Machine frontwoman Florence Welch flexed her funny bone on Saturday Night Live this weekend, performing in a sketch as Flow-Diggity Flow-Doubt in a satirical take on New Jack Swing. The sketch features parody characters like Sweaty Keith and Cross Cris, performing hilarious “turkey themed r’n’b rap fusion songs.” Florence shines in the first comedic role that we’ve ever seen her perform, showing her lighter side after taking a noticeably darker turn with Florence + The Machine’s new album, Ceremonials. Belting out a hilarious tune about the “adult table,” Flo croons about forgetting footsies and going straight for “full on sex.” Her deadpan expression is priceless and she stares down the camera with her best bedroom eyes, hand on hip and declares “it’s time to grow up.” The clip has not only got us giggling, but sort of hoping Flo will consider releasing an R & B album in the future … We can only dream!

Florence also appeared in another sketch as an enthusiastic dancing groupie for Jason Segel’s fictional band, The Blue Jean Committee (below), but the Florence Fest didn’t stop there. The performer took to the stage with The Machine for “No Light, No Light” and “Shake It Out.” A far cry from the irreverence with which she played Flow-Diggity, Florence was poised, graceful and elegant as she sang both songs. Not to mention divine, first while wearing Balmain, and second in a floor length black and lace cascading gown in signature Florence style. Keep an eye out for the impeccable Florence performing with The Machine for VH1’s DIVAS Celebrates Soul on Monday, December 19 at 9 p.m. ET/8 CT on VH1.

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