Frank Ocean Makes It Up To New York City, Is Named One Of GQ’s Men Of The Year 2011

by (@kat_george)

Frank Ocean‘s rise has been meteoric, faster than the speed of light, blink-and-you’ll miss it — but the young R&B singer/songwriter, despite his swift rise to fame, has managed, amongst all the hype, to dig his heels in. Get used to the name, because Frank Ocean isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and we’re glad. Awarded the title of “Rookie” in GQ Magazine’s Men Of The Year 2011 lineup, Frank Ocean’s unassuming warmth, shyness and wicked sense of humor give the phenomenon a personality that is hard to resist. In short, between his genius R&B revival, industry credentials and humility, there’s nothing not to like about Frank Ocean. We’re particularly loving how adorable he is in this GQ video, revealing tidbits including his admiration for Adele‘s 21, the non-musical things he learned from Kanye West (“Always chose your sneakers wisely”) and the musical thing he learned from working with Jay-Z (“Less takes is sometimes more”).

Right now, aside from being a GQ Man Of The Year (we hear it’s a hell of a responsibility!), Frank Ocean is impressing the pants off fans with his first solo tour. After his first New York City show was cancelled earlier this month due to illness, Ocean has returned to the city that never sleeps for a reprise. Last night, playing at the Bowery Ballroom, Ocean was reportedly timid but impressive, with fans excusing his awkward onstage presence with his captivating talents. The Village Voice reports:

“He seemed ill at ease, like this whole thing wasn’t his idea. Blame the fans, who beg more of him. Blame Def Jam, its fingers always hungry for money. Either way, he’s onstage. In the rare instance that he smiles, his hands almost manage to conceal it. And yet, he’s considered a messiah, the savior of R&B music in its darkest ages, dragging it out of the murky puddle of generic hooks and forgettable alcohol anthems that’s accumulated over the past few years… Every song performed last night was greeted by cheers; his words were received with revered silence.”

We’re super excited to be heading to the Bowery tonight for Ocean’s second New York show, so watch this space for our review tomorrow!

Frank Ocean: Rookie [GQ]
Live: Frank Ocean Returns To The Bowery Ballroom For The First Time [The Village Voice]

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