Miley Cyrus: Birthday Girl, Bob Marley Enthusiast, Supporting The 99 Per Cent

by (@kat_george)

Miley Cyrus has released a video to a remix of her track “Liberty Walk” that consists entirely of mashed up footage of Occupy Wall Street and counterpart protests elsewhere. The video comes with a personal disclaimer from Miley, proclaiming, “This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in.” While we’re not entirely sure what we think of wealthy celebrities expressing support for a movement that is essentially owned by the everyman (the cynic in us suspects that such support has a lot more to do with publicity than sincerity), there is something fairly earnest in the young Miley’s allegiance to Occupy Wall Street, even through her tweets. Even if the girl is largely disenfranchised from the 99%, she seems to have a genuine admiration for the hoards of protesters rebelling against the man to fight for their beliefs. And that’s something in and of itself.

But then we see footage from Miley’s 19th birthday party (below) and we can’t help but wonder if she’s not wearing her support for OWS as some kind of badge. As friend and fellow child-of-a-celebrity-come-pop-star Kelly Osbourne presents Miley with a Bob Marley cake, Miley smiles into the microphone and announces, “You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake!” All the while, there appears to be a guest dressed as a giant panda in the background, and given that we already got to see footage of Miley smoking a bong at her last birthday party, the panda is a lot more intriguing than Miley’s confession, which is tame in comparison to her 18th blow out.

Despite being dubbed “white, upper-middle-class stoner kid, aka the #OWS demographic,” the decadence of Miley’s lifestyle, her Bob Marley cake, glamorous friends, panda (seriously, isn’t it everyone’s dream to have a giant panda at their party?) and obvious affluence makes it hard to believe she really understands the woes of the 1%. On the other hand, whether she really understands or not might be unimportant — what might come out of Miley’s dedication to the OWS cause is a greater awareness of political issues amongst the young kids that make up her fan base. And we really can’t see any harm in that, although she might want to rethink her overly public displays of affection for the green stuff.

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