Shearer’s Spotlight: Jim’s Favorite Non-Holiday Songs For The Holiday Season


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Jim ShearerIf you’re already sick of holiday music—especially since department stores have been holding Muzak systems hostage since Halloween—here is a list of non-Christmas songs that still give an essence of the holiday season. (Rest assured, this list was not complied by doing a quick Google search; all of the following tracks are quality tested and in rotation on my iPod.)

1.) “Starlight,” Muse
One of the best “big-rock” love songs of the 2000’s.

2.) “Fake Plastic Trees,” Radiohead
A tune that always comes to mind whenever I zigzag through a plastic tree display at a department store.

3.) “Toys Go Winding Down,” Primus
Behooves me that this song has yet to be exploited on various Christmas music compilations.

4.) “Walking With A Ghost,” Tegan & Sara
Ebenezer Scrooge can totally relate.

5.) “Snowflake,” Malachai
Malachai’s The Ugly Side of Love was my sleeper-hit album of last year, and this is my favorite track from it.

6.) “Winter Winds,” Mumford & Sons
Play this song near a fireplace and tell me you don’t feel all warm and cozy inside.

7.) “All of the Lights,” Kanye West & Rihanna
If I owned a house, I’d string it with lights and sync them with this song blaring full blast throughout the neighborhood.

8.) “Lucky Star,” Madonna
Depending on how you interpret the lyrics, this could be an awesome closing hymn at midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

9.) “Love Like Winter,” AFI
Not only do you get a winter shout-out in this song, but one for the month of December as well.

10.) “Jacqueline,” Franz Ferdinand
Like they say, “It’s always better on holiday!”

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