Tony Bennett Sketches Lady Gaga Nude For Vanity Fair, The Two Have Themselves A Titanic Moment

by (@kat_george)

This month, as part of a Vanity Fair cover story, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga had themselves a Jack and Rose moment, albeit without the illicit romance. In Titanic, the devilishly handsome Jack sketches the unattainable Rose as she lies sprawled and naked before him. Before any nudity ensues, however, Rose asserts, “The last thing I need is another picture of me looking like a porcelain doll,” and we’re thinking the line could have just as easily slipped from Lady Gaga’s lips. Bennett’s charcoal rendition of Lady Gaga is stripped down and raw — Mother Monster without all the accoutrements we’re used to seeing her robed with. Bennett’s drawing, in short, is of a human girl we’ve yet to really see. And it’s beautiful.

The drawing was done as part of an Annie Leibowitz shoot for the iconic magazine. The shoot followed Lady Gaga around her hometown — if you can call it a town — New York City, and saw her posing in everyday, recognizable scenes around the city. In couture gowns, of course. For the most talked about photo of the series, Gaga posed nude in Tony Bennett’s personal art studio, and Leibowitz, dedicated to authenticity, invited Tony to actually sketch Gaga for the scene. The imagery has only added to the hype around the pair’s duet “The Lady Is A Tramp,” and has revealed an element of intriguing “realness” to the elaborate the Lady Gaga persona.

Lady Gaga on Getting Married: “I Can Buy Myself a F****n’ Ring” [VF]

[Photo: 2011 Benedetto/Bennett, courtesy of Vanity Fair]

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