Hot Chelle Rae Love Karaoke And The Kazoo

by (@kat_george)

Of the moment band Hot Chelle Rae dropped their second album, Whatever, last week, and spoke candidly to VH1 about serious things like the album title, writing music, singing karaoke and… playing the kazoo! If you like your pop stars relatable and irreverent, then Hot Chelle Rae are the guys for you, especially if you like an extra helping of super cute thrown into the mix. With sparkling smiles and an infectious energy, the guys told us that when it comes to making music, they’re just doing what they love. “We definitely want people to be humming it but it’s not like every time we sit down to write a song we’re like let’s make the catchiest thing known to mankind, we kind of just really write what we love,” offers HCR front man, Ryan Follese. Ryan also acknowledges that the band, even though their work is largely a labor of love, work incredibly hard and that it’s “ironic” that given their efforts, they decided to call the album Whatever on a whim.

But HCR know that all work and no play will make them dull boys — which is probably why they’re so charming! Of their leisure time, Ryan chuckles, “There is a good chance that you will find me at around 11.30 at night singing Bon Jovi at the top of my lungs,” to which Nash Overstreet replies, “Nashville is full of karaoke bars, and it’s full of us running crazy!” Becoming jovial, Ryan reveals that the only instrument he played on the entire album was the kazoo, “On “Downtown Girl” I am ripping that kazoo up.” We love that the boys have a kazoo on their album, if only because we love saying kazoo so much! Kazoo, kazoo, kazoo!

Check out their performance of their new hit single, “I Like It Like That,” from a recent episode of Big Morning Buzz Live below…

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