Lady Gaga Has A Name For Her New Album (And We’ve Got A Few Suggestions, Too)

by (@kat_george)

Lady Gaga — in the enigmatic way that Mother Monster has of making half an announcement then making fans wait for the second half — has revealed that yes, she has a name for her next album, but that no, she won’t be sharing it yet. The album, which will be Gaga’s third full length studio album, is in the works, hot on the heels of her sophomore album Born This Way which was just released this year. Gaga says of the album, “I’ve started writing it and I have the name for it, and all the concepts are beginning to flourish and take place. I’m excited to put it out, but it’s not done yet. So I’ll put it out when it’s done.” The rumor mill is also turning with speculation that the new release will feature a collaboration with Elton John. So while Gaga let’s suspense build, we’ve had a few thoughts of our own about what the eccentric pop star could call the new album:

  • The United States Of Gaga – A nod to the fact that Gaga has more Twitter followers than President Obama.
  • Reality/Unreality or Couture/Not Couture – We’re sort of hoping the new release will be somewhat revealing of the Gaga/Stefani Germanotta dichotomy, an exercise in Sasha Fiercing, if you will.
  • [No title — Just an image of Lady Gaga’s perfectly manicured, jewel encrusted hand giving the middle finger] – A little bit ambiguous, a little bit TAFKAP, a little bit White Album; giving a secret handshake to her Little Monsters, a nameless album could be Gaga’s way of sticking it to the man in the name of diversity and freakishness.

Got any suggestions for what Lady Gaga should name her new album? Leave them in the comments!

Lady Gaga: ‘I have a name for my new album’ [NME]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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