Last Lap: Jay-Z Is Being Sued For Using A Sample Without Permission In “Big Pimpin'”

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Jay-Z Is Being Sued For Using A Sample Without Permission In “Big Pimpin'”
Seems like hubby Jay-Z is following in the footsteps of wifey BeyoncĂ© and is being sued for using a sample in his track “Big Pimpin'” without permission. We hope there’s still enough of a parent team left after all the legal action to look after Baby Bey-Z! [Prefix]

Courtney Love To Be Evicted From Her New York Rental Pad
Courtney Love has allegedly trashed her New York rental pad to the point where the owner is taking action to have the petulant rock star forcibly removed. She’s also apparently way behind of rent payments — get it together, Courtney! [NME]

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Is Used As Torture And To Raise Money For Charity
Some truly diabolical teenagers at Evanston Township High School held the school ransom by playing Justin Bieber‘s “Baby” on repeat (more than 20 times over 3 days!) until they had raised enough money to save a local non-profit coffee shop. Brilliant. [Refinery29]

Nicole Scherzinger Belts Out “The Phantom Of The Opera” For The Queen
X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger showed off her operatic skills in a dramatic dress and theatrical performance at the Royal Variety Performance gala. Singing in front of the Queen, Nicole performed “The Phantom Of The Opera” in honor of the Broadway musical’s 25th anniversary and we’re feeling very tempted to judge. [Idolator]

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