4 Fantasy Artist Collaborations We Want To See Become Real In 2012

by (@kat_george)

2011 was the year of Watch The Throne, the universally hyped phenomenon that took on a life of its own. Yes, it was ‘just’ an album, but how could it have been any less than Biblical with Hov and the prodigal son joining forces for one of the biggest hip hop collaborations in history? The epic collab has got us thinking, as it seems like one really isn’t enough these days (unless you’re BeyoncĂ©, of course) to keep public interest piqued for long, so the high-profile are increasingly joining forces with the high-profile, wingman-ing each other for the hits. After all, doesn’t everyone need a Goose? We’ve put together some of our favorite superstars for the mindboggling collaborations we’d like to see come to fruition in 2012 (hint, hint!).

Lana Del Rey and Nicki Minaj
We already know Nicki Minaj loves a good collaboration, and from what we’ve seen of Lana Del Rey so far, our suspicion tell us her “machine” have the buzz artist pegged for super stardom. Collaborating with LDR would give Nicki the kind of edge she got from “Monster” while for LDR the partnership would open her up to a whole new — not to mention powerful — army of fans/Barbz. We’re imagining this as super dark and sexy with a muddy bass line; lyrically, it would be largely Lana crooning about doing filthy things with her dirt bag lover and having her heart broken, while Nicki’s verse would be a no-holds barred, expletive laden, grimy scratching on Lana’s melancholy. It would probably only be a suitable formula for one song, but we’re anticipating it would be a cross-genre hit, captivating mainstream audiences and the more subversively inclined simultaneously.

Kanye West and M83
It’s time to cut the umbilical chord, Yeezy, and do what you do best — choose the next big cross over act and make a record with them. Kanye did it last year with Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon on the critically acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and this year with Frank Ocean for Watch The Throne. It makes sense then, that in 2012 Kanye West should get his talent honing mitts on Anthony Gonzalez of M83, who, despite having veteran status with 6 albums, has only just begun hitting mainstream airwaves (and like Vernon, has done it without compromising his directional electronic sound or creative vision, despite featuring in a Victoria’s Secret commercial). We think it would be interesting to see what Gonzalez and Yeezy could put together in the studio — we’re thinking something along the lines of “Midnight City” meets “All Of The Lights.”

The Black Keys and Adele
Think about it. The Black Keys have come through with El Camino this month to be one of the year’s biggest bands, and as a singer/songwriter, Adele is also at the very top of her game. For The Black Keys, a collaboration with Adele is a free pass into household name status but they still get to keep their integrity, as Adele is one of the few superstars who’s multi-talented musical prowess compares to her fame, much like the Keys themselves. We’d love to hear Adele’s raw emotion over The Keys raw instrumentals, and think it would be great to see Adele delve into something a little bit grittier and edgier, and even have some fun with it.

Britney Spears and Lady Gaga
Now that Britney has gone all euro-pop, it seems like a BriGa (see what we did there?) collaborative album could be a dance floor winner. Britney has also been channeling Lady Gaga‘s psycho-couture style lately in her videos (especially “Hold It Against Me”), and we’re envisaging an extravaganza of choreographed dancing, out-of-this-world costuming and club-led tracks. Maybe an appearance by Robyn or Yelle. It would be an ironic but totally not ironic joining of forces for both parties. Yep. Girls. Do it.

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