Jimmy Kimmel Creates A Post-Kanye West Twitter Rant Commerical For DONDA

by (@kat_george)

If you haven’t heard about Kanye West‘s Twitter rant then you’ve obviously been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, which, come to think of it, can’t be good for your posture, so you should just stop living there and live in a proper house instead. The short of it is that Kanye West Tweeted 86 times over 3 hours; you can read the long of it here (i.e. all Kanye’s Tweets in chronological order). Being the smart ass that he is, Jimmy Kimmel went ahead and made a hilarious fake commercial for the company Kanye Tweeted about starting, named DONDA, after his later mother.

Of the company, Kanye Tweeted, “I have started a new company and I’m so excited about the name it’s got the best name ever of all companies of all time!!! The name of the company is DONDA. DONDA is a design company which will galvanize amazing thinkers and put them in a creative space to bounce there dreams and ideas.” Using Tweets like this from Kanye’s rant along with several other Kanye Twitter gems, the faux-advert is particularly hilarious, and will give you the Friday afternoon giggle you’ve been looking for.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Creates Hilarious Commercial For Kanye West’s DONDA Company [Neon Limelight]

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