Jay-Z Goes Into Over Protective New Dad Mode, Drops Misogyny In Favor Of Blue Ivy’s Honor

by (@kat_george)

Is Jay-Z the most gushing new dad of all time? By all reports, it seems like, yes, yes he really is. Following the birth of his and BeyoncĂ©‘s daughter, Blue Ivy, last week, Hov wasted no time in releasing a song, “Glory,” in tribute to the blushing babe. And now, in the most recent chapter of Jay-Z Is An Amazing Dad, the rapper has vowed to stop using the word “b***h.” In a poem he wrote for baby Blue Ivy, Jay says, “Before I got in the game, made a change, and got rich, I didn’t think hard about using the word b***h. I rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it. Now with my daughter in this world I curse those that give it. No man will degrade her, or call her names, I’m so focused on your future, the degradation has passed. I wish you wealth, health and insight. Forever young you may pass. Blue Ivy Carter, my angel.”

It’s not such a bold pronouncement for a dad, but a pretty revolutionary thing from a hip hop star, given the proliferation of misogynistic lyricism that characterizes a lot of rap music. We wonder if Jay will now proceed to censor his back catalog, given that the degrading term appears in many of his songs. For instance, will he now sing, “I got 99 Problems but the strong, empowered woman in my life ain’t one”? Will he force Kanye West to change the lyrics of their Watch The Throne hit, “That’s My B***h” to, “That’s my wonderful, intelligent young woman whom I respect unconditionally”?

Moreover, we want to know what Hov plans to do about everyone else — it’s all well and good for him to fly the feminist flag, but he can’t control the rest of the world now, can he? In that vein, some marijuana dealers in LA have developed a strain of weed dubbed “OG Blue Ivy.” We’re wondering how Jay, who often raps about his penchant for the green stuff, feels about the moniker? Obviously Jay can’t keep baby Blue completely away from the big bad world — she is as close as you can come to being infant pop royalty, after all, so she’ll always be in the spotlight. But if daddy really is on the war path, will Blue Ivy be the most sheltered/over protected baby on earth? Is Blue Ivy Carter the new Blanket Jackson?

‘No man will degrade her': Rapper Jay-Z vows to stop using the word ‘b***h’ following birth of daughter Blue Ivy [The Daily Mail]
‘Blue Ivy’ Strain Marijuana Sprouting Up In LA Weed Shops [Huffington Post]

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