Will.I.Am Says LMFAO Will Join Madonna’s Super Bowl Performance

by (@kat_george)

It’s on — with the Super Bowl looming ever closer, everyone is talking about that half time show, and what the Queen Of Pop, Madonna, will bring to the stage for the momentous occasion. Never one to do things by halves, suspicions that Madonna’s show will be spectacular are well founded, with reports flooding in that she’ll appear with special guests M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj, and that she’ll be “bringing gay” to the performance. Now, will.i.am has got everyone in a flap by commenting that seizure-dance club kids LMFAO will be joining Madge for the show. In an interview with UK radio station Capital FM, will.i.am said, “I’m going to the Super Bowl this year to see my group LMFAO perform with Madonna. Check that out, will.i.am Music Group is pretty freaking two for two, one year the Super Bowl, the next year another group part of the Super Bowl in collaboration with Madonna. That’s still happening.”

We’re not casting an aspersions on will.i.am’s integrity, but it does seem like a very odd pairing. Yes, “Party Rock Anthem” was a chart topper, but LMFAO’s high energy, doof-blasting dance music doesn’t even come close to being similar with Madonna’s perfectly curated pop sound and image. And from what’s been leaked of MDNA, for instance, the demo to “Gimme All Your Luvin'” it doesn’t seem like Madonna is going down the euro-trance path with her music either. So what would they even play together? Are we looking at a mash-up of the two artists’ music? Or has Madge got something else up her sleeve — a secret collaboration perhaps? And will Nicki and M.I.A still be there? What’s going on? will.i.am has sure ruffled our feathers this morning, and we need answers!

LMFAO To Perform With Madonna At Super Bowl, Says Will.i.am [Idolator]

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