Last Lap: Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” Gets An 80s Remix Thanks To Miami Nights

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Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” Gets An Eighties-tastic Remix Thanks To Miami Nights
One of the hottest newcomers for 2012, Gotye, gets his track “Somebody That I Used To Know” remixed by Miami Nights. It’s a synth-led 80s redux, and it’s pretty rad. [Rolling Stone]

A Q&A with “Politicizing BeyoncĂ©” Professor Kevin Allred
The L Magazine spoke to Kevin Allred, the doctoral student responsible for that academic course in BeyoncĂ©. He reveals that unfortunately, you can’t get extra credit for memorizing the “Single Ladies” dance. Dang — we’ve just wasted the past week then! [The L Magazine]

Cory Gunz Arrested For Weapon Possession
Rapper Cory Gunz was arrested for, uh… guns in the Bronx on the weekend. He was allegedly carrying a loaded firearm in his backpack, which is very not OK. [Rolling Stone]

Newt Gingrich Is Being Sued For Using “Eye Of The Tiger” In His Campaign
Newt Gingrich is being sued by Rude Music Inc., the company that owns the rights to Survivor‘s “Eye Of The Tiger,” which Gingrich has been using as part of his political campaign. We’d probably sue Gingrich if he were using our song too. [TMZ]

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