The Fray Gets Personal VH1’s February Posted Artist

by (@kat_george)

We had a great start to the year of Posted with January’s featured artist, Kina Grannis showing us an amazing time, hanging out with Danny Pudi, taking us backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live, and making us adorable jelly bean messages. But now that February is here it’s time to wave goodbye to Kina and welcome our new featured artist — The Fray!

Exclusively for Posted, once a week each member of the band will be giving us a blog post, letting us know what’s up! Our first one is an intimate, poignant post about life on the road from lead guitarist, Dave Welsh, from January 31st, after the jump!

Like a calm before our storm, a tempting stillness, Ry Cooder on a slide guitar; a hundred meals I can’t cook, a thousand hours our ears aren’t within earshot of the ones we love, the needle drops on a different record every night.

I woke up abruptly today because the AV guy was here to hang my TV. I don’t trust myself as far as anyone can throw me when it comes to installations like these. Surely I would have come back from a trip to the grocery, a quick sprint downstairs to grab the mail, and the television would have collapsed from my wall and high-definition shards across my floor. Quick pot of coffee and I realize, shit, I have to pack for my drive out this evening. I have to pack for three weeks. And while I’m at it, I ought to pack until 2013.

A month full of flight times and hotel confirmations. Six months of life reduced to a spreadsheet; affirmation that time, now, is only just a string of data to be read and fed by others. Our job isn’t anything special, a series of ones and zeros like that of any other, but a job, nonetheless, at a time when they seem to be tempting fate and are harder than ever to come by for those looking.

The tempo picks up in a flurry of fast fingers, nylon dancing along thin metal ropes. I hold my eyes open and take another shot of caffeine, and just like that, four boys are on the road once more.

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