What’s Your Dream Set List For Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance?

by (@kat_george)

You haven’t seen excitement until you’ve seen us talking about Madonna’s Super Bowl half time show. It’s palpable, electric, maybe a little bit Pointer Sisters — basically, we’re doing all that we can to stay calm for the next 72 hours or so. In order to curb our energy into something a bit more productive, we’ve spent the morning playing Madonna‘s Musical Director and coming up with both predicted and dream setlists for her roughly 12-15 minute show. See what you think and if you agree — let us know what your dream set is in the comments section!

PREDICTED SET LIST by Mark Graham (@unclegrambo):
“Ray Of Light” / “Give Me All Your Luvin’ (featuring Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.)” / “Express Yourself” / “Vogue” / “Music”

Billions of people will be watching Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show, so there’s no doubt that she’ll be feeling the adrenaline and deliver a high energy, dance-y set for the fans. “Ray Of Light” is a very recognizable track that will get fans out of their seats and grooving from the get-go, at which point she can safely transition into the requisite “Go buy my new single!” part of the show. After she welcomes (and then quickly boots) Nicki Minaj and M.I.A to/from the stage, she’ll move into the portion of her set that, to paraphrase her backup dancer, “brings the gay.” Playing “Express Yourself” will be a subtle “In your face!” to Lady Gaga, and “Vogue” (maybe with Cee Lo?) would get both the fans in Indianapolis and on their couches all over the world going berserk. Closing with “Music” —featuring its anthemic chorus of “Music makes the people get together”— would be the most frenzied way to end her short set, and send everyone who’s watching off thinking “I LOVE MADONNA!”

DREAM SET LIST by Kat George (@kat_george):
“La Isla Bonita” / “Frozen” / “Like A Prayer” / “Nothing Really Matters” / “Hung Up” / “In The Zone”

Imagine a set born completely out of the brain of one small writer who was born in the 80s and faced puberty in the 90s, and you’ll think of no better starting place than “La Isla Bonita” to set the mood for magic and fantasy. The set would then take it down a notch, keeping with the mood of enigma, with “Frozen,” to which everyone would sing along and lift their lit mobile phone screens into the air. The song would end dramatically with Madonna disappearing into a dark shroud as silent seconds tick by, the crowd screaming, and then… “Like A Prayer” stuns the arena out of silence and everyone is up out of their seats as the hymn-like opening verse breaks into the dance anthem beat. Once “Like A Prayer” has reverberated through the stadium, it breaks down into the Black Legend remix, mashing together with “Nothing Really Matters.” In keeping with the party atmosphere, Madonna stages an amazing performance complete with full dance crew, leotards and explosions to “Hung Up.” The final song, although not technically hers, is “In The Zone” (because that’s where the football players need to be!) and… wait a second… that’s not Nicki or M.I.A., but Britney Spears! Britney appears and performs the duet with Madonna to fireworks.

Now that we’ve made our predictions, we’d love to hear your thoughts. What songs do you think Queen Madge will perform on Sunday night? What songs would you go nuts for if she performed? We wanna hear ‘em!

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