Jay-Z And Kanye West’s Video For “Paris” Kaleidoscopes So Hard (That S**t Cray!)

by (@kat_george)

Have you ever wondered exactly what’s going on inside Kayne West‘s brain? There’s been at least one occasion where we’ve lost sleep over it, but now we can put our questions to rest once and for all, as the Kanye directed video for his Watch The Throne hit “Paris” with Jay-Z gives us a glimpse into the cray goings on inside the West cranial cavity. And it’s exactly what we’d pictured — a kaleidoscopic, ordered chaos in which buxom women are commodified and appear in double while regal black panthers lurk in the shadows.

Comprised mostly of footage of Hov and Ye playing to an audience, there’s a cameo from Will Ferrell and plenty avant-bricolage consisting of found images of Paris, digital geometry and the same kaleidoscopic effects that are used throughout. There are the requisite thrown up diamonds by the audience’s hands; but our favorite part is an almost poignant moment where Kanye looks out over the crowd. We can only see the back of his head — his vantage point becomes ours as the crowd, for blink-and-you’ll-miss-it split seconds turns to a thrilling kaleidoscope and back. A visual narrative that accompanies the banging “ball so hard” themed track, the video brings elements of the surreal and the absurd to Kanye and Jay’s world of money, fame, and Paris.

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