Nicki Minaj Talks About Her Controversial Grammys Performance On Good Morning America

by (@kat_george)
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Nicki and Ricky (Minaj and Martin, we just love the rhyme. Try saying it fast 10 times), sat down with Good Morning America today to discuss their MAC campaign for AIDS awareness. Nicki talked candidly about the death of her uncle from AIDS, the personal weight the illness carries for her, and wanting to protect her young Barbz from the disease. The socially aware star also had a word or two to say in defense of her controversial Grammys performance, and in light of all the hatorade, her message was a fairly poignant one.

“First of all I created these characters, Martha and Roman, over two years ago and I never had a format to really put them in front of the world, so when I had the Grammys I said, “You know what? This is a great way to show who Roman is.” Roman is a character who’s been ridiculed, he’ been torn apart, he’s been pulled down… Roman gets shipped away to a monastery by his mother who thinks there’s something wrong with him. And in fact there’s nothing wrong with him, there’s nothing wrong with him being different, there’s nothing wrong with him being eccentric. I just wanted to show how ridiculous people look when they try to change someone just because they’re creative and just because they’re different,” Nicki said sincerely. We wonder if any of the haters out there are shifting uncomfortably in their seats yet?

She also talked about how surreal it felt when Madonna wanted to work with her for “Give Me All Your Luvin,'” which Nicki performed with the Queen Of Pop at the Super Bowl half time show. “The request came in from Madonna and I still did not believe it. I said to everyone “I’m not going to believe it until I meet her, until I meet this little ladybug.”” It’s nice to hear that even a superstar like Nicki is still humble in the face of her idols, and it’s pretty darn adorable that she called Madonna a ladybug too — what we wouldn’t give to be Nicki’s ladybug!

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