Jason Mraz Won’t Give Up In His Emotional New Video

by (@kat_george)

If you’ve got a sentimental heart, then Jason Mraz‘s new video for “I Won’t Give Up” is probably going to to resonate with you. Set in a semi-hazy, color saturated world, the video features dusty imagery of several different characters who seem in some way lost, or searching. Close up shots reveal a doe eyed child, the mascara stained cheeks of a beautiful young woman, the deeply creased face of a benevolent old man, the prosthetic leg of an army veteran, amongst others. Between these complex souls Mraz strums his guitar and croons the lyrics, “I won’t give up on us / even if the skies get rough / I’m giving you all my love.” The emotional climax of the video occurs as each character finds a friend — someone who loves them and who they can lean on during their hardship. It’s a poignant, hopeful video for a beautiful love song.

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