Posted: The Fray Gives Us An Intimate Insight Into The Moments Right Before They Go On Stage

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The Fray are VH1’s Posted artist for the month of February, and every week they’ve been giving us intimate blog posts from the road. So far, lead guitarist Dave Welsh has given us a poignant portrayal of travel, a story about watching the Super Bowl and a post about head colds and surprises. The guys even stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live to play their song “Heartbeat,” and now we have a fourth blog post for your weekly February Fray fix. This week, Welsh tells us about the back stage moments leading up to a live show — read all about it after the jump!

T-minus 18 minutes until show.

“I’m still crazy…after all that chicken,” Jeff, our multi-instrumentalist, says as he strays from Paul Simon’s classic. Ben regularly brings a small Crosley portable record player and DJs the dressing room pre-show mix. Tonight is all mid-70s Simon.

“Clarinet alert!” says Jeff again. Two tracks deep into Still Crazy After All These Years.

“So, we’re gonna do the same transition out of Cable Car into Heartbeat?” asks Ben.

“Yeah, I thought that went well last night,” Joe affirms.

Ben nods.

“Don’t need to discuss much!” Jeff continues to sing along with the grainy soundtrack behind the conversation.

Ten minutes before stage. Ben is furiously warming his wrists on a practice pad, seated on the floor cross-legged, pounding out rudiments to stave off mid-set fatigue. I break into the bottle of wine. An ’09 Prisoner tonight, a solid, if uninventive, choice. You never know, really, when the choice is left to the discretion of the venue.

“Three minutes ’til tape, boys,” our tour manager shouts as he enters the room.

“They gonna play all eight tracks of the tape tonight?” Isaac asks with a wry nod.

A fury of radio chatter. House lights. We’re a few shows into nearly a decade of music together and sometimes we’ve still got hot nerves.

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