Posted: The Fray Give Us Their Final Intimate Blog Post

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We’ve loved having The Fray as our VH1 Posted artist for the month of February, especially because of the intimate blog posts they’ve been sharing with us. So far, lead guitarist Dave Welsh has given us a poignant portrayal of travel, a story about watching the Super Bowl, a post about head colds and surprises and an insight into the moments right before they go on stage. The guys even stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live to play their song “Heartbeat,” and now we have the final blog post in what’s been a whirlwind month. This week, Welsh tells us about a rainy Seattle, wrapping up the tour, and the pull of home. Read the full blog post after the jump.

The rain starts, slowly, quieting the streets of Seattle as another month closes. Outside, the rumble of a city bus or buzz of a four cylinder carves through the low, muttering storm. It’s a quiet conversation outside this evening, the hot breath of a street lamp against a cold northwest dew, the chatter of a weekday night buffeted by the low, deep ceiling of heavy clouds. This is our final show of a relatively brief run this month, closing much less ceremoniously than it began. The pace has begun to grow languid. I catch myself staring out a window, lately. It is time to go home now, if only for a brief moment.

You begin to remember the days not just by the musical crescendos but by the kind of salsa in a dressing room or the bar you found last night.

“What was the name of the place in Redding, the cool retro spot?”

“Do you remember that bar we went to years ago here? I bought you a shot of Johnnie Blue when none of us could afford it.”

“We’ve got a half hour before soundcheck. Wanna go get Five Guys?”

Every mattress of every hotel bed begins to fade into one unsatisfying cushion. Every cup of coffee becomes sacrilegious against the sanctity of making it at home, in your underwear, at noon when you’ve just rolled out of bed. In a few weeks, the thought of caffeinated exploration in a new place will again seem rewarding. Everything has a push and pull, and today we are being pulled home.

Doors will open in a few minutes, allowing the hushed, rain-soaked crowd outside to warm themselves inside a cavernous, ornate temple to a bygone era. Thank you, everyone, who joined us this month. It was our pleasure to play for you.

Boise, ID

Portland, OR

Redding, CA

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