5 Reasons To Get To Know Our Latest You Oughta Know Artist, Graffiti6

by (@kat_george)

We’d like to introduce you to our March You Oughta Know artist, Graffiti6. Hailing from London, the duo (made up of Jamie Scott, pictured above, and Tommy “D” Danvers), are a breath of fresh air with their soft, guitar-led pop. With a sentimental edge to their persona, the band released their debut album, Colours, in January, and we’ve been hooked ever since. Even though the band only started making music in 2009, there’s a wealth of maturity in their dulcet, tonal sound. With a hint of nostalgia in Scott’s folksy vocal, we’re falling in love with Graffiti6, and here are five reasons you should too…

1. The video for “Free”
We just loved the video for “Free”, the first single from their debut album, Colours. You can watch the video below, and read what we thought about it here.

2.Their famous friends
Before Jamie Scott and Tommy Danvers were Graffiti6, they worked with some pretty high profile collaborators. Danvers remixed tracks by Michael Jackson and Bjork, and had worked alongside his wife arranging and orchestrating concerts and recordings for super stars like Kanye West, Jay-Z, Adele, Beyonce and Noel Gallagher. He went on to produce the number one chart single, “I’m Too Sexy,” for Right Said Fred, before writing several songs for KT Tunstall, Corinne Bailey Rae, Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue before joining forces with Scott to make music for Graffiti6. Scott, no less accomplished, has toured with Alica Keys and Kelly Clarkson with his previous band, Jamie Scott & The Town. With such full resumes and a cast of friends worthy of pop royalty status, we’re excited to see what future collaborations Graffiti6 might have up their sleeves!

3. Their covers of Adele and Black Eyed Peas
We just love Graffiti6’s sped up cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep,” and their stripped down version of the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got A Feeling”. Listen to both below!

4. They were named New Band Of The Day by The Guardian
In July of 2010, The UK’s Guardian named Graffiti6 in their New Band Of The Day segment, saying, “it’s colourful and psychedelic, and that’s what G6’s tunes are about: they’re latterday psych-soul nuggets, all phased vocals and sunshine melodies given the warp factor, organ twirls and keyboard effects whooshing in and out of the mix.” The Guardian might have been two steps ahead of us on this one (although Graffiti6 are local heroes to them!), but two years later and their prediction that Graffiti6 were on “Cloud nine and rising,” has proven to be prophetic.

5. Their songs have been on some of our favorite shows
From Grey’s Anatomy, CSI: NY and One Tree Hill, to VH1’s own Basketball Wives and Football Wives, Graffti6’s songs have already been featured on many of our favorite TV shows. It’s a testament to their relatable sound and storytelling ability that their music is going hand in hand with television.

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