Annie Lennox Comments On Rihanna And Domestic Violence

by (@kat_george)

Annie Lennox has made some very empowering and yet very measured comments about Rihanna to The Telegraph, telling the newspaper that it would be “So f**king powerful,” if Rihanna decided to speak out publicly about domestic violence. With the resurfacing of some touchy issues lately — Rihanna teaming up with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who brutally assaulted her in 2009 for two new tracks, as well as Chris Brown’s divisive Grammys performances — everyone seems to have an opinion on what Rihanna should be doing.

Lennox, however, while taking a strong stand against domestic violence and encouraging Rihanna to speak out, is equally respectful of RiRi’s decision to stay quiet on the matter; “Here is a young woman who has been through domestic violence and she could become a tremendous spokesperson for that issue but the choice is hers. It’s not up to anybody else to do that… Of course if she did choose to do that it would be so f**king powerful but it’s her personal right to choose it or not. We all have our issues and we have to deal with them in our own way.” Lennox is a known social activist and regarded by many as a feminist icon, and in many respects we agree that Rihanna has a great power at her disposal, but also that it’s entirely her choice as to whether or not she exercises it.

Rihanna urged to condemn domestic violence [Music News]

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