Lana Del Rey Speaks Out Against Critics: “I’m Not Naturally A Polarizing Or Controversial Person”

by (@kat_george)

The divisive Lana Del Rey has spoken out on LA radio station KROQ about her viral rise to fame, her fans and detractors, and the nature of Internet criticism. Speaking candidly, Lana addressed the way her persona has been treated an dissected online, saying, “I’m not naturally a polarizing or controversial person. What I sing about is pretty normal, pretty balanced. What people have to say about me, the really amazing things and the really terrible things, none of them are true.” Not usually vocal on the issue of her controversial rise to fame as Hype Queen, Lana said in the interview, “The internet right now is creating their own person for themselves to play with, but I’ve been an artist for a long time and I’ve been a writer since I was 7. I can’t do much else. I wrote every word on my album. There’s only one line I didn’t write in ‘Diet Mountain Dew’ and one in ‘Lolita’.”

She also talked about why she is able to connect with her zealous fans so intensely through her music, “I never compromise with anything that I do in my life, not lyrically, not in reality. I think the people who sort of feel like they know me, know me from my lyrics, and I think that they feel what I write about is what really went down and how I really feel about it. I never say anything just to rhyme over sugary pop songs. I really care about documenting my life in a musical fashion.” There you have it — on this rare occasion, the hyper aware Lana has pinpointed the gripes of her detractors, from her extraordinary perspective. Moreover, it seems the young star has quite the handle on what makes her so appealing to her fans, and her commitment to that is rather appealing.

Lana Del Rey: ‘I’m not a controversial person’ [NME]

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