Behind The Music: Pitbull Talks About Being Discovered By Lil Jon

by (@kat_george)

In Behind The Music, Pitbull talks candidly to us about his phenomenal rise to fame, and in this little sneak peek you can find out how he was first discovered by Lil Jon. Speaking about the first time he heard Pitbull on the radio, Lil Jon says, “I was like, that is crazy, because I hadn’t really heard any Spanglish records like that.” Listening to the two guys speaking exclusively on the meeting that followed is a funny montage — juxtaposing Lil Jon’s beeped out swears with Pitbull’s boyish confusion and excitement makes for a giggle-inducing moment that sort of makes you feel like you could be friends with either of these guys. Pitbull describes Lil Jon approaching him with a twinkle in his eye and a giant smile across his face, “[Lil Jon said] “I don’t know what you’re saying, but you’re snapping shorty”… And in my head I’m like I dunno what he saying, what is he saying?” The two then go on to talk about laying down Pitbull’s first verse in the studio, which was adopted on Lil Jon’s album, and the giddiness as Pitbull recalls the experience is downright infectious.

Tune in to VH1 for the premiere of Pitbull’s Behind The Music on March 15th at 9/8c.

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